Rating the Best Fruit Box Available Today

What's the best fruit box judged on quality, flavor, variety and value? We tried one of the best to see if it's worth the hype.

Tyler D.

May 2, 2024

When it comes to fruit boxes, the choices can be DIZZYING. There's so many directions to go: do I want the most exotic? The best variety? The best value? One search will show you that there's hundreds of options.

So, where do you go?

We've tried dozens of fruit boxes so you don't have to. This is our favorite and highest rated.


The Winner: The Miami Fruit Variety Box

For those unfamiliar with Miami Fruit, they're the original online fruit box subscription service and what we've nicknamed "the mother of all fruit boxes".

Based in Miami, Florida (obviously) Miami Fruit got its start on the ground level literally selling great fruit in their local communities. Because they're located in Miami they have access to hundreds of tropical and exotic fruits from all over the world.

Over time they launched a website and became one of the first to start selling high quality fruit boxes online.

Why do we love Miami Fruit's Variety Box so much? 4 simple reasons:

  • Variety and Selection (duh)
  • Quality and Flavor
  • Value
  • Delivery Consistency & Customer Support
  • Sustainability

#1: Variety and Selection

This is really important when picking a variety fruit box because, well, you want a VARIETY.

The Miami Fruit Variety boxes have historically provided the best even selection of stuff that you'd like and need in a good fruit box.

And yes, we do recommend getting a VARIETY box when getting a fruit box subscription. You want stuff that is tasty, fun, quality and rare. Don't just get one thing that you're comfortable with. If you want to load up on 70 pounds of oranges go to Whole Foods instead. This is for people that LOVE fruit and trying fun new things that you can't find in most grocery stores.

Here's an actual customer review that shows the variety:

#2: Quality and Flavor

This is where the Miami Fruit Variety Box really shines. The flavors that they consistently deliver are deep, succulent and above what you'll normally get in any big box produce store.

Most of the fruits that Miami Fruit includes in their fruit box are exotic selections that are like a carnival for your taste buds.

Don't take our word for it, we found some reviews about quality and flavor specifically:

"I have never had a banana as good as the namwah banana you placed in my variety box, it had orange ribbons on the inside with hints of strawberry and mango, how do i go back to store bought banana now ? My life has been changed by a banana 🍌 thank you miami fruit" - Verified Purchase (Michael T S.)
I mean are you kidding me?

#3: Value

This is an important one and another place Miami Fruit excels. First off, most of the fruits they provide aren't available in big box groceries, however for the sake of this review we scoured and found some apples to apples comparisons.

Some items that are found in the Variety Box can retail for over $20 per pound. In addition, some items like Dragonfruit (Pitaya) can't even be found in most US markets and if they are found, they're typically around $7 per pound (ouch).

To sum this up, we actually found another helpful review from a customer that touched on this:

One very important note: Miami Fruit offers 30% discounts on nearly ALL boxes when you subscribe. That's a serious deal, +1 for value.


#4: Delivery and Customer Service

Ok, so we've established that the FRUIT is good.

But, how do they treat people (customers) like you and me?

First off, it's important to notes that Miami Fruit offers exceptionally FAST shipping. Most boxes ship in 2-Day Air or in some cases even overnight shipping. In addition, they use top-tier carriers like Fedex and UPS so the delivery is always very consistent, on time, and my tracking number works flawlessly so I know exactly when it ships and where it is (none of the USPS blues).

They do this because since it's food, it's very important that it gets to you fast (duh). This stuff is fresh. Two days before it was sitting in my kitchen, it was being brought in from the farmers that they source from and sorted at their clean facility.

Also, the packaging job is top-notch and to-date I haven't received anything that was damaged or missing during transit. Each item is carefully packed and they even sort the box by type so things don't shift around and bruise eachother, and the sensitive items are typically wrapped for extra protection (so much attention to detail). Here's a picture of an unboxing from a customer:

#5: Sustainability

Last but certainly not least is sustainability. Miami Fruit goes above and beyond here in a few different ways.

Firstly, much of the fruit that they procure literally comes from their own farm or from farms in their own community in Miami.

Secondly, they use 100% recycled and eco-friendly packing materials. If you're not familiar with packaging (most aren't), these eco-friendly packing materials can actually cost MORE that traditional boxes in some cases. It's kind of a crazy thing but it being eco-friendly can actually cost you more money. Miami Fruit walks the walk and accepts these extra costs on behalf of their community.

The Winner: Miami Fruit Variety Box

Miami Fruit Variety Box (Single Purchase or Subscription)


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30% discount for subscriptions

This box comes with a variety of the tropical fruits they currently have in season.

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